It’s March and I have a bunch of other interesting, fun, exciting posts that I’m working on but I just wanted to go ahead a do a quick update.

Today is my third day in “quarantine.” It’s Monday, the 23rd & I think that most people are calling it Day 7 or 8. That’s when the restaurants switched to ‘take out only’ and all the bars closed. Now everything but ‘essential’ business are active. Of course, that’s not necessarily true but that’s the overall rule right now.

(Oh, one of my friends on instagram said she’s on day 10.)

I’m out of work for now as far as serving goes, but I applied for unemployment. Red Wing is technically open for ‘curbside service’ but they also offered to pay up to 120 hours for each employee, so I’m doing that. I wasn’t comfortable with the way the ‘curbside service’ was panning out. In my opinion, they should switch to online sales. Oh well, that’s on them I guess.

A lot of people are freaking out. I freaked out when I went to the grocery store. But that’s why I’ve decided to avoid that as much as possible. I have a decent amount of food & my friend Emily took off to FL (for like $30) so I stole all her food too. Lots of good produce. My Aunt Laurie sent me toilet paper (cuz I couldn’t find any) and a bunch of unnecessary expensive cold medicine ‘just in case’ which I do really appreciate. Also shout out to a nice lady named Tonya who gave me two rolls of TP to hold me over and restored my faith in humanity that day after I left the store.

John is still working. He was supposed to be home around mid-April, now I’m not sure. I’m hoping they’ll come home soon. They’ve been having trouble getting enough food on the boat, which is just ridiculous to me. They should all be home with their families at a time like this. Especially when their current work isn’t ‘essential’ right now.

Been trying to stay in contact with all my friends and family through all of this but I haven’t been able to get ahold of everyone. Just staying positive! My friend Hannah also flew back to FL too. I miss everyone but I’m really enjoying my alone time too. Instead of focusing on all the havoc, I’ve been really utilizing the time at home.

I’ve started a 4-week workout from my friend @workoutwithpernilla, a small potted garden, I’ve been running with both dogs, I turned my closet into the “Teacup Studio,” I’ve been cooking and eating lots of yummy plants, I’ve laid out (in the little bit of sun we’ve gotten here), I’ve been educating myself with online classes for Natural Holistic Remedies and Personal Finance, I took a bath, I’ve been doing a little yoga through the Yoga Collective online, I’ve worked on some wedding plans, I’ve been reading a book from Emily called “You Can Heal Your Life,” I’ve done a massive amount of laundry, I’ve caught up with a lot of friends and family on the phone, I’ve submitted for acting gigs, I’ve written a new monologue, I’ve researched some managers and I have so much more I’m excited to do on my to-do list!

Family has called me to make sure I’m not losing my mind bunkering down by myself, friends too, and John keeps saying “good, gives you something to do” after I tell him about something I’m working on. I love and appreciate everyone’s concerns but I am fortunate to say that I have not had a moment where I’ve been bored yet! I’m not sure that I will honestly. I’m really enjoying this time! Of course, I miss everyone-but so far I’ve just been catching up on some much-needed self-care and started some creative projects that have been boiling inside of me lately.

I hope that everyone takes this time to love themselves. We have to take this time off as a society and it’s allowed Mother Nature to restore itself a little-I hope that when we return to ‘life as normal’ we take continue to practice more localized, sustainable living.

We don’t really know how long this will take to blow over. Some people were saying mid-April, now end of April-who knows. I’m going to continue to meditate for the greatest good and the optimal health of everyone and our planet! I think maybe we should all mediate at the same time and that will help the situation as well. Maybe I’ll see if there’s something like that already organized, and if not, I’l organize it.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well & you’re loving yourself & washing your hands. I want to give a huge thank you to all the people that are still working and keeping our society as together as possible right now, everyone working in the medical field-directly with patients & on the research side of things as well. All the grocery store workers, mail people, truck drivers, neighbors, retail and restaurant workers, sanitation workers-everyone that’s still doing the damn thing. I thank you. And thank you to everyone that is staying home right now to prevent Covid-19 from spreading even more. Love you all!!! Stay safe and healthy & happy!!! We’ll get through this!!!

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