The Proposal Story

For everyone and anyone that wants to hear the juicy details of John’s proposal.. this is the post for you. 

We had a trip planned in January to visit John’s parents. The scheduling to make that happen was a little crazy-but it all worked out! I was excited for the trip because I absolutely LOVEEE John’s parents & Arizona is always an exciting adventure! Of course, if I knew that John was planning to propose, I would’ve been even more excited & also definitely would’ve gotten my nails done & dressed up a little nicer for the actual proposal. 🤣

So we (and by we, I mean, John) drove all morning from before sunrise to get to the Lost Dutchman Park. It was very exhausting, I had to sleep almost the whole time. 😂 And it didn’t help that it was very rainy and foggy all day. Very sleepy day. When we got there, it was gorgeousss but there were clouds covering almost the entire mountain!

Apparently we had a beautiful hike planned that day-which, obviously, I was excited for, but I was also okay with pushing it to another day when the weather was better. John was very adamant about this hike-so we went to lunch & hoped that the weather would clear up. This was very unusual weather, according to the locals.

So we all went to lunch, got fat and happy, had a couple drinks and headed back to the campground. I was just happy to be catching up with the Tuckers and eating delicious food but John really wanted the weather to clear up.  I, noticing the continuous rainy weather, passed out again in the camper. 😂🙈 Eventually, I woke up a couple hours later as the skies finally cleared up for a little bit. 

When I woke up and looked out the window, the only clouds that were remaining were very low, wrapping around the base of this magnificent mountain! I was so excited and completely in awe so I ran outside with my camera to get a picture of this rare and beautiful sight!  😍

I was snapping pictures of the beautiful mountain and the rest gets a bit blurry, from tears, excitement and just pure shock. One of the biggest questions that people ask, of course, is: did you have any idea? And the answer is no. One of my favorite pastimes was daydreaming about the day that he’d propose, but I had absolutely no idea that he planned on doing it- & certainly no idea it would be anytime soon. 

I’m pretty sure he tapped me, maybe he said something, but I turned around from facing the mountain to see him there behind me on one knee 😭😭😭 holding the most beautiful ring I couldn’t have even possibly imagined! 😍😍😍 I was in complete shock-I think I might’ve said “What is this?” as if I didn’t know what was happening 🙄 what a stupid thing to say. 

It was like I was about to have an out-of-body experience. Embarrassingly enough, I had thought about this many, many, many years ago, as well, before we were ever an actual couple. Russ and Kelly used to actually tease me about it & I would say "Nooo no way would that ever happen." 🙈🥰 Point just being, it was a very surreal moment for me. I’m not sure how I got so fortunate, but it definitely can’t hurt to thank God or the universe (or whatever she likes to be called) for sending this man my way 🙏 

And I just remember him saying “Told you I wasn’t going to be your boyfriend for much longer” because his favorite joke around that time was teasing me about how he’s gonna leave me one day. I should’ve known better because he is such a smart ass like that. 😝 But anyway, then he said “what do you think?” & through all the ugly crying, I think I was able to finally say yes! 😭 💍

Although it felt like the world had stopped spinning and we were the only two people in existence for a moment, my brain finally caught up with my heart & I realized his mom and dad were out there taking pictures and sharing in this wonderful moment with us!!! I’m so happy that they were there as well!!

Apparently, they had picked out the perfect proposal spot along this hike-that never happened. His dad even prepared a little spot that was perfect for pictures but we didn’t make it out there-and that’s okay too. But, I appreciate them so much for taking the time to help create this magical moment & being there for both of us!

The way it ended up turning out is just as special too. Instead of waiting for another day when we could do the hike, John later admitted that he just did it then because it felt right & he didn’t want to wait any longer. God, I just love him so much. 

Sidenote-he's been in dry dock and working on buoys so I haven't seen him in a while now & he'll be back in two days so this whole thing is just getting me extra mushy!

The pictures of the moment are perfectly imperfect and they show our true colors. I’m really looking forward to taking some nice-looking engagement photos but the proposal photos capture the true moment & our most authentic selves. Me, in my matching tie-dye shirt and crocs & John with his balding hair growing out a bit. 🤣That’s how it happened and I love it. 🥰

I’ve made a video of the whole trip so I’ll leave that here as well and you can see my ugly-cry pics toward the end. 😂🙈

I had such a wonderful time in Arizona hanging out with John’s parents and celebrating our new engagement! John is such an authentic, present, romantic person. I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I’m so happy to have such a loving, supportive, and adventurous partner to share my life with! I am forever grateful to have him and his family in my life for such a long time & I’m just completely honored to be officially joining the Tucker fam! Love you guys! 

And for those of you who are dying to know about wedding plans-obviously it’s a little weird to be planning a wedding during a pandemic but hopefully by next May (that's when we're thinking) the world will be perfectly healthy and back to normal-ish again! Not sure how everything is going to fall into place yet but we’ve narrowed down our big list to a smaller guest list and I’d love for us to exchange our vows up in Northern California amongst the gargantuan redwood trees! 

Lot’s more updates to come!

I hope y’all enjoy the video as well! <3 

Love you so much John!!! 

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