JK it's the same old me. Just with new goals!

It’s January 2021 & I’m excited for a fresh start!
Here we go:
1. Take time for me in the mornings & evenings & whenever i want/need to
2. The Sustainable Blonde weekly posts/reviews
3. Podcast-Love, Earthlings weekly posts
4. Complete “High heels and ponytails” workbook
5. Open my own online shop including stickers, clothes, bathroom products
6. Invest money in smart stuff
7. Spend more healthy time with family
8. Beautiful edible garden
9. Meditate everyday
10. Work out 5 times a week
11. Eat healthy, plant based meals between 12 & 6pm
12. Create new artistic portfolios and develop app ideas
13. Star in a dark comedy series
14. Perform in a live theatre production (farce)
15. Collaborate/volunteer on impactful projects
16. Take acting, dancing, singing classes
17. Travel somewhere once a month
18. Splits/Straddles, handstands
19. Purchase everything I want on my wish list
20. Meet/form a spiritual squad of inspirational people to surround myself with & practice spirituality and gratitude together
21. Make 10k a month (after taxes) through passive income & a million dollars this year!
22. Part-time (paid) content creator
23. All new up to date apple products with current editing softwares
24. Global world health
25. Revolutionize fashion, agriculture, energy sources, social media business model

I was looking at my goals from last year around this time & some of them are similar-some of them are not. A lot of my personal creative projects that I’ve been doodling about didn’t come to fruition in 2020 but I know they will this year. Last year, I didn’t get as much free time as I'd hoped I did-especially with covid and all. However, the real reason I didn’t work on my projects is because I allowed myself to be distracted by other people’s drama. I conciously chose to budget my time entertaining other people's issues. This is something that I have been very weak to in the past. This has been my victim card & Im finally giving it up. This year I’m taking a stand for myself, my time, my energy, my passions. I’m not going to sacrifice what I’m doing in an attempt to help or appease someone else. I deserve to live my own life!

This year is going to be a lot about me. I almost said “hate to say it,” but I don’t hate to say it actually. I’ve spent a lot of my adult life focusing on other people & this year I’m just going to focus on myself. Not trying to be selfish-just ready to grow up, take responsibility for my life & reach the goals I want to reach. It’s a very exciting time now that I’m acknowledging myself and my goals! I started writing my goals out several times & thought about other things... I thought I “should” put on there or some things I should take off because I might be judged for them, but fuck that. At the end of the day, they’re my personal goals & I don’t need to explain them or justify them to anyone-including myself. This is what I want. This is what I’m going to achieve this year. And I feel really good about them-I dove right into a lot things on that list already and it’s only been a week into 2021.

There are other habits that I’m leaving in 2020 as well-apart from getting sucked into drama-I’m not smoking anymore! I’m not frivolously shopping anymore! I’m not accepting things from people if I don’t want/need them! I’m not emotionally doing anything-shopping/eating/making decisions. I’m not charging my phone in my room at night while I sleep-I leave it in my nook. I’m not wasting time with “professionals” that are disorganized or artists that I simply just don't vibe with.

I’m really looking forward to a happy healthy year filled with enjoying life & exploring new places & challenging myself the whole way! I’ve been easing my way back into a 6-hour eating window-today was my first perfect day doing that. I’ve been running a mile every morning & been doing yoga & skating on my new Christmas skates! I’ve made vlogs, written blogs & worked on The Sustainable Blonde! I’ve been taking time for myself & my God, it is refreshing. Still have residue of guilt for some reason, but I’m sure I’ll get over that. I deserve my alone time.

I hope y’all are making this year all about you too! Crazy things have happened this past year, and they continue to do so. It’s easy to get sucked into the drama but it’s a much healthier choice to just focus on what you want out of this life & go get it! Follow your passions and your contribution will naturally occur! Love you all so much!

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