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I'd like to start off this entry by inviting everyone to open their minds about what it means to be a consumer. As most of us know, especially here in the United States, we're bread into a culture of consumerism. It has become engrained in our society over many generations and it is seen in many perspectives. We can be considered greedy and wasteful, brain-washed by our government/society and doomed to a life of unsatisfaction. We can also be seen as gatherers and supporters of our economy; stimulators and motivators for advancements and teamwork.

All in all, good or bad, right or wrong-it is your choice to be who you want and view others how you want. As for me, I love shopping! Personally, I really enjoy the challenge of seeking and gathering aesthetically pleasing, quality, functional items that I need for my household or gifts that I can happily pass onto others. It is also super fun when I can find local shops/brands that I believe in with sustainable packaging/production!!!

When it comes to self-care/beauty products, I'm not an expert. But I am picky. I have been told that I am "not the best at being a girl" when it comes to hair and make up-and I can't even argue with that. For years I've just used make up that was gifted to me or handed down from my friends. Recently, I've started to run out of those freebies and I have decided to start purchasing some quality make up for myself.

I'm also semi-deep into a journey of human & environmentally self-care/hygeine products that actually work for me. Products that are made with natural ingredients don't always work the way we'd like them too. With a few good times of trying various products, I've started to land on some brands that I use consistently because they provide the results I'm looking for.

I'm looking forward to sharing with you my findings and hopefully opening the floor for disucssions about everyone's findings as well! For each product review I'll be focusing on 5 main points: quality, function, sustainability, aesthetic and price. I've chosen these main points because, quite frankly, it's what I care about in a product. If there are other specifc things you'd like to hear about, I am all ears for questions!

Please keep in mind that I'm sharing my truth from my perspective so it might not always apply so perfectly to yourself. For reference, here's a few things about me:

Age-later 20s

No specific diet

History of acne

Lives in dry climate (SoCal)

Needle straight fine long blonde hair

Dry skin/lips/hands

Natural make up aesthetic

These things usually motivate me into trying specific products that tend to those needs. If any of those match you, I hope that my reviews help you find your favorites too! Most of the time, I'll be checking out local stores to me in Long Beach but with the wonderful world of the internet we have the whole world to play with! I highly encourage others to enjoy shopping in their local/nearby areas for many, many reasons but especially because this year has been a challenge on our local business owners! Let's do our best to lift them up & keep them around!

Okay enough of the build-up...check out my next post for my first offical review by The Sustainable Blonde!




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