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Justice for George Floyd

This is long overdue.

I know I’m a lazy blogger but eventually is better than never! Unfortunately, this has been our approach to talking about/fixing the racism issue in our world/country on a grand scale as well. It’s time to stop feeling awkward or ashamed that we haven’t done anything yet, and time to TAKE ACTION NOW. 

I’ve shown my support on instagram, as it is my main social media account. I started seeking out local Black-owned businesses to support and have discovered many stores/restaurants that are my new favorites! I’ve had difficult conversations with people about racism and tried my best to speak truth through love. I’ve donated, signed petitions and sent out emails. I’ve been reading articles and listening to speeches and observing the world and myself. I’m learning a lot and I want to do a lot more. It’s easy to feel powerless and discouraged but OUR FELLOW HUMANS DESERVE MORE THAN THAT. 

I share all that because I hope that my fellow white people can see that I’m doing SOMETHING. It might not be much in comparison to the huge shift that needs to take place, but it’s a start! & You can help in these ways too! & We can continue to find ways to take proactive approaches to celebrating our diversity on Earth! 

Everyday my heart breaks to hear about another Black person being murdered by some racist fuckers. This racism has infected our society and culture since our country was formed. It is our responsibility, as white people, to fix this. 

George Floyd was not the first black person to be murdered by the cops. This was not the first pointless, tragic, unnecessary loss of a beautiful Black person from this world. However, his death triggered us as a society and people started to take action. I am embarrassed by my own ignorance as a white person but I am grateful for the resources that I discovered in this process of supporting Justice for George Floyd. I’ve learned a lot about my privilege and want to do whatever I can to keep listening, growing and sharing. My love and prayers go out to all the souls affected by these tragedies. 

George Floyd 

Rayshard Brooks 

Oluwatoyin Salau

Breonna Taylor

Elijah Mccain 

Titi Gulley

Malcom Harsch

Robert Fuller

Unfortunately, this not does not even begin to cover the Black lives that have been lost because of RACISM. Recently learning about their stories has opened my eyes to the world that we live in. 

The fact that people find this just as a political issue is baffling to me. The fact that people find this just as a police brutality issue is baffling to me. Of course, these tragedies reflect those issues as well-but this is a HUMAN LIFE ISSUE. This is a RACISM issue! Yes, we need to treat the symptoms by reworking our political make up & reforming “police” or teams but we also seriously need to fight the root cause-which is the deep-seated racism that is built into our culture. 

Thank God for the internet and its endless resources. Albeit confusing at times with the information overload, I’ve learned about systemic racism, white feminism, white fragility, and more about what Black people face on a daily basis. All it takes is a little human decency and compassion to make an effort to listen and see how we can we can work together to solve this. 

There is no way to bring back the lives of the countless Black people that have been murdered. There is no way to fix the mental, physical, emotional, financial damage that we have already inflicted on Black people throughout time. And that’s really fucking shitty. And it’s the tragic reality that they have endured. But what we can do is take a stand for them and start making serious efforts to lift them up with us!!! Every day is a day that we can make change!! 

It’s time that we whole-heartedly celebrate and appreciate our Black friends and family! I’m learning more everyday & looking for new ways I can contribute! 

When I first spoke out about wanting to support Black-owned business, I did receive a little backlash because some people saw it as my willingness to support “all of a sudden” instead supporting Black people all the time. I tried to clarify my intentions and explain that I always support Black people. However, I went on to explain that I definitely could’ve thought about being proactive about spending money at Black-owned businesses in the past, but my recent education and understanding inspired me. 

My message was received and appreciated because it was delivered with love. I know I will no-doubt make other mistakes or accidentally offend someone somehow or another in the process, but I won’t let the fear of that stop me. As long as I function out of love & take a stand for human lives & equality for Black people, I’ll continue to push forward. I’m committed to using my voice for the greater good & elevating the voices of others that have been suppressed for so long. 

This wonderful woman, Annie Banks, referred me to this website that her & her team developed & it was the exact resource I was searching for! blackownedlongbeach.com 

Please check out this website if your local to Long Beach & I encourage everyone to seek out local Black-owned businesses in their areas too! Be sure to be active in the solution in whatever ways you can & continue sharing some extra love to the Black community ❤️❤️❤️

Love you all so much!!! ???