I’m getting the hang of it!

TLDR: I had to delete my original WP account & start over through GoDaddy.

So yesterday I spent all day working on my blog/website through WordPress. Today, I finally called GoDaddy because I was confused on how to merge my domain and now WordPress website especially because I purchased a “Basic Managed WordPress Websites” yesterday & I didn’t want it to be a waste. Long story short, I found out the best way to do it was to “Build new” through my new GoDaddy product & essentially rebuild everything I worked on yesterday. Actually I had to delete that original WordPress account so I could still use all of my “That Kelly Doll” stuff. Confusing, I know. The good news is, it’s set up similar enough to where some of the stuff I learned yesterday building the WordPress site is still valuable & different enough that I’ve already found a better layout for my website! Right now its under a temporary domain until I’ve completed it, then it will get transferred to my thatkellydoll.com domain! I’m super excited & I hope I’m actually doing it right this time!

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