The Official That Kelly Doll Blog!

TLDR: I’m starting an official blog where I plan to provide useful content covering topics including living in Long Beach, cocktail serving, acting, modeling, DIYS, food, and many other adventures!

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to finally start an official blog addressing all of my adventures including living in Long Beach and working as a cocktail server/model/actress!

Eventually I’d like this blog to generate some cash flow as well and I might make posts (if anyone is interested) about how that works (if/when I figure that out). However, I’m not going to have a bunch of run-around content where I repeat stupid stuff and try to make you sign up for a bunch of emails or pay for some web course because that’s really annoying to me.

At the top of every post I’m going to include the “TLDR” version so you can skip reading all the juicy details and get right to the point if you’d like.

In my blog I’m also going to cover things like reviews for local business because I’m very much into shopping/eating and shopping local at that. I’m in a transitional period where I’m looking to move towards a plant-based diet and using DIY products so I know exactly what is going into them. I’m sure that’ll pop up here as well.

I’m pretty excited about this new adventure-I hope that the content I provide holds value for someone out there! Please feel free to give me feedback/ask questions & refer me to other blogs that I might be interested in too! I’d love to learn more about sustainable living, spirituality, gardening… the list goes on on!

Catch ya next time! 



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