There is a low-waste store with amazing products here in Long Beach called BYO Long Beach. Actually there's 2 locations! You'll hear/read me talk about them a lot because I love them! At BYO Downtown, I got my first 100% biodegradable plastic-free lip tint by Nudi in the shade 'copper poppy.' Admittedly, I was originally just looking for some quality lip balm, but upgraded for a balm with a touch of color just "to be a better girl." So here's to my first official review-let's get cracking!
Quality- Let's start with the actual ingredients for this product.. there are 5. That's a good start! If I can read the ingredients in one breath & actually pronounce them all, then we're doing okay! On the tube it lists beeswax, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, mica, and iron oxide. So far not too bad, not a lot of room for toxic chemicals. Beeswax, safflower oil, and sweet almond oil all sound naturally-occuring enough for me to not bat an eye but I did have to google mica and iron oxide (shimmer and color, basically). My conclusions were that they are both safe/non-toxic for the consumer, so as an ingredient in your lip balm, it's a-ok! What comes in the package is just as important as the package these days & I must say this tube of lip tint is definitely high quality in a low-tech way. Simple biodegradable push tube!
Function- The push tube itself works beautifully and the lid remains tightly secured through my roughest of back-back purse experiments. The actual lip tint itself provides a gorgeous orange color with light hints shimmer and moisturizes at the same time. When you purchase a lip balm, you want to apply it once or twice a day and that's it. This lip balm gets the job done and makes you look even cuter while you give your lips a little TLC. This neutral, natural tone with a creamy texture can also be used in other creative ways like a highlighter or eye shadow so bonus points for product versatility!
Sustainability- Obviously this one gets an automatic star for the genius plastic-free packaging. Considering that I purchased it IRL at a store local to me, that's a pretty sustainable method. I've creeped on their website about their policies and their founder and it does seem like they're doing their best to derive all their ingredients in the most sustainable way-including their beeswax and mica! The only thing I stumbled upon in my googling that made me a little uneasy was the issue of mica, in general. (I'm learning as I go here, so I didn't know even know what mica was 15 minutes ago.) On Nudi Goods website they explain in depth their efforts to produce/gather this ingredient sustainably and it sounds like they're doing a pretty good job understanding/improving their sources. However, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, mica dust can typically be a threat to factory workers which sounds like it might not be the best ingredient out there. Makes me wonder if there is an all-around safer way of creating that “glittery/shimmery” effect. Major points to Nudi Goods for finding a way to create/source this ingredient in a safe way though!
Aesthetic-The overall subtle copper tone is absolutely adorable and can be layered to get a richer color. The shimmer effect is very slight and almost unnoticeable which is nice for a lip balm/tint. If you were looking for a bold knock out color, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is for the no-make up gals or the dolls that want lip hydration and simplicity. I really like that you can wear without any other make up and not look too overdone. The overall vibe is very neutral, natural, cute & minimal. The tube itself is the typical brown cardboard color you’d expect a biodegradable container to be. It’s cute in a minimal way-but I always much prefer something EXTRA. If someone designs compostable/biodegrable containers with a little excitement-pop of color, shiny, something-I’d be a very happy gal.
Price- This product cost me $9-which I know, for one tube of lip balm, that seems steep at first. HOWEVER, this quality is more than worth the price! There are a lot more expensive lip tints/colors out there & for this multi-functional, sustainable product I’d say the price is spot on. This $9 tube is designed to effortlessly last you way longer than those cheap balms. I’ve already been using it for a month and a half and it looks like I’ve barely used it. I think it definitely helps that I don’t have to reapply it every 10 minutes. Also, I have chronic dry lips so this is really saying something.
Overall, this is my new favorite lip product. 5/5 stars! They also have a wide range of different colors, so I’m excited to try another one next time! Super excited to find this brand too! Sounds like their founder, Jamie Boddorff is an amazing boss ass woman! Would love to meet her and chat sometime!

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