I'm usually down to TFP shoot if  it will actually benefit both of our portfolios. That being said, I am always open to beauty, lifestyle, headshots.

I also have some photoshoot ideas that I've been day dreaming about for quite some time now. There's a lingerie tea party shoot I'd like to do and possibly expand into a cute little silent short film as well.

I have already been working on a series of photoshoots that I like to call "LApocalypse." There are a lot of specific ideas I have for future shoots under that project label-but I'm also open to ideas.

I have a few very short scripts that I'd like to film for fun and most of them have a longer version if we feel like expanding it out a little! Otherwise, they're set up for demo reels.

I have also been interested in reviving a dinner theatre I worked on many, many years ago. It was just so much fun & it spreads so much joy-I'd love to re-launch that soon!

I'm also super interested in throwing together a performance potluck at my house with other performers-whether it be a dance, a song, an acting duet, a monologue, stand up.. basically open mic night at my place!

My main personal passion project right now is commercials for sustainable, local, companies. If this sounds like something you'd like to work on-or if you have a sustainable business that could use a little advertisement help, reach out!

If any of these things tickle your fancy then message me for more details!