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Be hot!

After years of modeling and going through different phases of life and styles and understandings of myself, I’ve come to realize that there’s two ways to live life: hot or not. And I think the grass is much greener when you’re hot. I feel like being hot has gotten such a bad rap over the […]

Let’s get real.

What the hell is going on in my life? What the hell am I doing with my life? Am I moving??? Are we even going to actually have a wedding? What am I procrastinating on in order to write this blog? (because it’s obviously something) What fears and silly habits have I grown out of? […]

Well, it’s March.

It’s March and I have a bunch of other interesting, fun, exciting posts that I’m working on but I just wanted to go ahead a do a quick update. Today is my third day in “quarantine.” It’s Monday, the 23rd & I think that most people are calling it Day 7 or 8. That’s when […]

Carrie Collabzzzz

Today I was blessed with another day spent with @cafrancesphoto & I think it’s only appropriate that I close the night by finally posting my favorites from our last shoot! Today we shot in Malibu in the freezing cold water with the whipping wind and we both survived it! Then we trekked up a local […]

October Updates!

Marvelous things have happened! First, I collaborated with a photographer (@fredos.photo) that provided me with some new headshots that I’m pretty excited about! I got some of each printed up and I’m going to use them for agency submissions as well. The next tid-bit of exciting news is that my film finally got released to […]