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Be hot!

After years of modeling and going through different phases of life and styles and understandings of myself, I’ve come to realize that there’s two ways to live life: hot or not. And I think the grass is much greener when you’re hot. I feel like being hot has gotten such a bad rap over the […]

The Doll’s Diary

The Doll’s Diary. (Not to be confused with the doll’s dairy-which, hopefully, is nonexistent because I’m lactose intolerant, as are most humans.) I’ve decided to start this new segment of blogging where I’m kinda spilling my thoughts and pouring my heart out. Through the various “self-help” seminars and books and other means of absorption, I’ve […]

New Year, New me. Duh.

JK it’s the same old me. Just with new goals! It’s January 2021 & I’m excited for a fresh start! Here we go: 1. Take time for me in the mornings & evenings & whenever i want/need to 2. The Sustainable Blonde weekly posts/reviews 3. Podcast-Love, Earthlings weekly posts 4. Complete “High heels and ponytails” […]