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Today I was blessed with another day spent with @cafrancesphoto & I think it's only appropriate that I close the night by finally posting my favorites from our last shoot!

Today we shot in Malibu in the freezing cold water with the whipping wind and we both survived it! Then we trekked up a local little mountain/cliff that was only a little bit scary. That's dedication, my friends. I can never get too many creative adventures with my dear friend, Carrie.

Neither one of us fell to our deaths so we celebrated with our lovely friend, Andrew-many-names. It was so nice catching up with both of them over a delicious lunch (that was just as yummy as the scenery)!!

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by these inspirational artists and truly just good human beings. These are the people that restore my faith in humanity and fill my heart with love and joy.

If you wanna see a couple sneak peaks from the shoot today you can go creep on Carrie's instagram, @cafrancesphoto & you should contact her for her rates and dates to get some great shots for yourself!!!

Anyway, here are some epic pics from our last shoot- where we went adventuring all over town (thank you Carrie & LA Metro) & she even put together another cool AF video! Yay us for not getting lost on the Metro that day!



Steven Tyler, I dedicate these to you. xoxo


My super-hero look..


Then we hopped on a train to NowHere Land...

Aaaanddd fell into this really cool lighting..


(And by "fell into," I mean Carrie knows all the cool ass fucking places to shoot).. including this spot with the best headshot lighting...


& thennn we did a really good job low-key videoing in the metro and on Hollywood Boulevard...


Which you'll see more of in the video below but I just have to end the set with one of these for tradition's sake..


I had such a blast that day running around town, feeling very grungy rock n roll, very true to me. Lot's of shoots have different concepts and most of the time I'm glammed up or in character (which I also love) but this shoot day was so cool because these shots feel so true to who I really am. It's really enlightening to look at a picture that truly feels like you inside & out and be able to say "wow that's me & I love it."  Thanks Carrie for capturing me, empowering me, and inspiring me everyday <3

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