The Proposal Story

For everyone and anyone that wants to hear the juicy details of John’s proposal.. this is the post for you. 

We had a trip planned in January to visit John’s parents. The scheduling to make that happen was a little crazy-but it all worked out! I was excited for the trip because I absolutely LOVEEE John’s parents & Arizona is always an exciting adventure! Of course, if I knew that John was planning to propose, I would’ve been even more excited & also definitely would’ve gotten my nails done & dressed up a little nicer for the actual proposal. 🤣

So we (and by we, I mean, John) drove all morning from before sunrise to get to the Lost Dutchman Park. It was very exhausting, I had to sleep almost the whole time. 😂 And it didn’t help that it was very rainy and foggy all day. Very sleepy day. When we got there, it was gorgeousss but there were clouds covering almost the entire mountain!

Apparently we had a beautiful hike planned that day-which, obviously, I was excited for, but I was also okay with pushing it to another day when the weather was better. John was very adamant about this hike-so we went to lunch & hoped that the weather would clear up. This was very unusual weather, according to the locals.

So we all went to lunch, got fat and happy, had a couple drinks and headed back to the campground. I was just happy to be catching up with the Tuckers and eating delicious food but John really wanted the weather to clear up.  I, noticing the continuous rainy weather, passed out again in the camper. 😂🙈 Eventually, I woke up a couple hours later as the skies finally cleared up for a little bit. 

When I woke up and looked out the window, the only clouds that were remaining were very low, wrapping around the base of this magnificent mountain! I was so excited and completely in awe so I ran outside with my camera to get a picture of this rare and beautiful sight!  😍

I was snapping pictures of the beautiful mountain and the rest gets a bit blurry, from tears, excitement and just pure shock. One of the biggest questions that people ask, of course, is: did you have any idea? And the answer is no. One of my favorite pastimes was daydreaming about the day that he’d propose, but I had absolutely no idea that he planned on doing it- & certainly no idea it would be anytime soon. 

I’m pretty sure he tapped me, maybe he said something, but I turned around from facing the mountain to see him there behind me on one knee 😭😭😭 holding the most beautiful ring I couldn’t have even possibly imagined! 😍😍😍 I was in complete shock-I think I might’ve said “What is this?” as if I didn’t know what was happening 🙄 what a stupid thing to say. 

It was like I was about to have an out-of-body experience. Embarrassingly enough, I had thought about this many, many, many years ago, as well, before we were ever an actual couple. Russ and Kelly used to actually tease me about it & I would say "Nooo no way would that ever happen." 🙈🥰 Point just being, it was a very surreal moment for me. I’m not sure how I got so fortunate, but it definitely can’t hurt to thank God or the universe (or whatever she likes to be called) for sending this man my way 🙏 

And I just remember him saying “Told you I wasn’t going to be your boyfriend for much longer” because his favorite joke around that time was teasing me about how he’s gonna leave me one day. I should’ve known better because he is such a smart ass like that. 😝 But anyway, then he said “what do you think?” & through all the ugly crying, I think I was able to finally say yes! 😭 💍

Although it felt like the world had stopped spinning and we were the only two people in existence for a moment, my brain finally caught up with my heart & I realized his mom and dad were out there taking pictures and sharing in this wonderful moment with us!!! I’m so happy that they were there as well!!

Apparently, they had picked out the perfect proposal spot along this hike-that never happened. His dad even prepared a little spot that was perfect for pictures but we didn’t make it out there-and that’s okay too. But, I appreciate them so much for taking the time to help create this magical moment & being there for both of us!

The way it ended up turning out is just as special too. Instead of waiting for another day when we could do the hike, John later admitted that he just did it then because it felt right & he didn’t want to wait any longer. God, I just love him so much. 

Sidenote-he's been in dry dock and working on buoys so I haven't seen him in a while now & he'll be back in two days so this whole thing is just getting me extra mushy!

The pictures of the moment are perfectly imperfect and they show our true colors. I’m really looking forward to taking some nice-looking engagement photos but the proposal photos capture the true moment & our most authentic selves. Me, in my matching tie-dye shirt and crocs & John with his balding hair growing out a bit. 🤣That’s how it happened and I love it. 🥰

I’ve made a video of the whole trip so I’ll leave that here as well and you can see my ugly-cry pics toward the end. 😂🙈

I had such a wonderful time in Arizona hanging out with John’s parents and celebrating our new engagement! John is such an authentic, present, romantic person. I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I’m so happy to have such a loving, supportive, and adventurous partner to share my life with! I am forever grateful to have him and his family in my life for such a long time & I’m just completely honored to be officially joining the Tucker fam! Love you guys! 

And for those of you who are dying to know about wedding plans-obviously it’s a little weird to be planning a wedding during a pandemic but hopefully by next May (that's when we're thinking) the world will be perfectly healthy and back to normal-ish again! Not sure how everything is going to fall into place yet but we’ve narrowed down our big list to a smaller guest list and I’d love for us to exchange our vows up in Northern California amongst the gargantuan redwood trees! 

Lot’s more updates to come!

I hope y’all enjoy the video as well! <3 

Love you so much John!!! 

Well, it’s March.

It’s March and I have a bunch of other interesting, fun, exciting posts that I’m working on but I just wanted to go ahead a do a quick update.

Today is my third day in “quarantine.” It’s Monday, the 23rd & I think that most people are calling it Day 7 or 8. That’s when the restaurants switched to ‘take out only’ and all the bars closed. Now everything but ‘essential’ business are active. Of course, that’s not necessarily true but that’s the overall rule right now.

(Oh, one of my friends on instagram said she’s on day 10.)

I’m out of work for now as far as serving goes, but I applied for unemployment. Red Wing is technically open for ‘curbside service’ but they also offered to pay up to 120 hours for each employee, so I’m doing that. I wasn’t comfortable with the way the ‘curbside service’ was panning out. In my opinion, they should switch to online sales. Oh well, that’s on them I guess.

A lot of people are freaking out. I freaked out when I went to the grocery store. But that’s why I’ve decided to avoid that as much as possible. I have a decent amount of food & my friend Emily took off to FL (for like $30) so I stole all her food too. Lots of good produce. My Aunt Laurie sent me toilet paper (cuz I couldn’t find any) and a bunch of unnecessary expensive cold medicine ‘just in case’ which I do really appreciate. Also shout out to a nice lady named Tonya who gave me two rolls of TP to hold me over and restored my faith in humanity that day after I left the store.

John is still working. He was supposed to be home around mid-April, now I’m not sure. I’m hoping they’ll come home soon. They’ve been having trouble getting enough food on the boat, which is just ridiculous to me. They should all be home with their families at a time like this. Especially when their current work isn’t ‘essential’ right now.

Been trying to stay in contact with all my friends and family through all of this but I haven’t been able to get ahold of everyone. Just staying positive! My friend Hannah also flew back to FL too. I miss everyone but I’m really enjoying my alone time too. Instead of focusing on all the havoc, I’ve been really utilizing the time at home.

I’ve started a 4-week workout from my friend @workoutwithpernilla, a small potted garden, I’ve been running with both dogs, I turned my closet into the “Teacup Studio,” I’ve been cooking and eating lots of yummy plants, I’ve laid out (in the little bit of sun we’ve gotten here), I’ve been educating myself with online classes for Natural Holistic Remedies and Personal Finance, I took a bath, I’ve been doing a little yoga through the Yoga Collective online, I’ve worked on some wedding plans, I’ve been reading a book from Emily called “You Can Heal Your Life,” I’ve done a massive amount of laundry, I’ve caught up with a lot of friends and family on the phone, I’ve submitted for acting gigs, I’ve written a new monologue, I’ve researched some managers and I have so much more I’m excited to do on my to-do list!

Family has called me to make sure I’m not losing my mind bunkering down by myself, friends too, and John keeps saying “good, gives you something to do” after I tell him about something I’m working on. I love and appreciate everyone’s concerns but I am fortunate to say that I have not had a moment where I’ve been bored yet! I’m not sure that I will honestly. I’m really enjoying this time! Of course, I miss everyone-but so far I’ve just been catching up on some much-needed self-care and started some creative projects that have been boiling inside of me lately.

I hope that everyone takes this time to love themselves. We have to take this time off as a society and it’s allowed Mother Nature to restore itself a little-I hope that when we return to ‘life as normal’ we take continue to practice more localized, sustainable living.

We don’t really know how long this will take to blow over. Some people were saying mid-April, now end of April-who knows. I’m going to continue to meditate for the greatest good and the optimal health of everyone and our planet! I think maybe we should all mediate at the same time and that will help the situation as well. Maybe I’ll see if there’s something like that already organized, and if not, I’l organize it.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well & you’re loving yourself & washing your hands. I want to give a huge thank you to all the people that are still working and keeping our society as together as possible right now, everyone working in the medical field-directly with patients & on the research side of things as well. All the grocery store workers, mail people, truck drivers, neighbors, retail and restaurant workers, sanitation workers-everyone that’s still doing the damn thing. I thank you. And thank you to everyone that is staying home right now to prevent Covid-19 from spreading even more. Love you all!!! Stay safe and healthy & happy!!! We’ll get through this!!!

Carrie Collabzzzz

Today I was blessed with another day spent with @cafrancesphoto & I think it's only appropriate that I close the night by finally posting my favorites from our last shoot!

Today we shot in Malibu in the freezing cold water with the whipping wind and we both survived it! Then we trekked up a local little mountain/cliff that was only a little bit scary. That's dedication, my friends. I can never get too many creative adventures with my dear friend, Carrie.

Neither one of us fell to our deaths so we celebrated with our lovely friend, Andrew-many-names. It was so nice catching up with both of them over a delicious lunch (that was just as yummy as the scenery)!!

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by these inspirational artists and truly just good human beings. These are the people that restore my faith in humanity and fill my heart with love and joy.

If you wanna see a couple sneak peaks from the shoot today you can go creep on Carrie's instagram, @cafrancesphoto & you should contact her for her rates and dates to get some great shots for yourself!!!

Anyway, here are some epic pics from our last shoot- where we went adventuring all over town (thank you Carrie & LA Metro) & she even put together another cool AF video! Yay us for not getting lost on the Metro that day!



Steven Tyler, I dedicate these to you. xoxo


My super-hero look..


Then we hopped on a train to NowHere Land...

Aaaanddd fell into this really cool lighting..


(And by "fell into," I mean Carrie knows all the cool ass fucking places to shoot).. including this spot with the best headshot lighting...


& thennn we did a really good job low-key videoing in the metro and on Hollywood Boulevard...


Which you'll see more of in the video below but I just have to end the set with one of these for tradition's sake..


I had such a blast that day running around town, feeling very grungy rock n roll, very true to me. Lot's of shoots have different concepts and most of the time I'm glammed up or in character (which I also love) but this shoot day was so cool because these shots feel so true to who I really am. It's really enlightening to look at a picture that truly feels like you inside & out and be able to say "wow that's me & I love it."  Thanks Carrie for capturing me, empowering me, and inspiring me everyday <3

2020 Goalssss

So it’s January 29th & maybe I procrastinated on this blog a little but whatever, I’m doing the damn thing now so here we are. It’s already been a very busy January and I’m super excited that I’m already working towards most of goals! I’ve collaborated on headshots and video shoots, organized my desk and closet (two hugeeely important spaces in my life) & had an amazing vacation with my (now) fiancé!

February is already jam-packed with light and love too! We’ve got a trip to visit my Dad, a dinner theatre read-through, tickets to Book of Mormon & of course, lots of work, work, work!

Okay so now for my goals for the rest of year.. here we go!!

1. Sign with an agent and manager.
2. Tour our (Kemily) dinner theatre.
3. Create psychedelic web series.
4. Pay off my credit card.
5. Complete my splits/stradles/25 push-ups in a row/8-minute mile.
6. Mud-run!
7. Create 3 solid AF short films.
8. Earthlings united news-worthy stories.
9. Sustainable commercials.
10. Plant-based diet.
11. Improv classes.
12. Read 20 books (at least lol).
13. Volunteer.
14. Star in a feature film.
15. Herb garden.

Oh and bonus one...plan a freaking wedding!

Still working on my work-life balance & learning to quiet myself and listen. This year is certainly off to a good start & I’m looking forward to new opportunities arise as well! I honestly feel silly looking at my list now because I know in my heart I’ll knock it all out well before the year is up so check back for more goals/adventures in the near future!

I’m also just going to drop this super cool video my lovely friend Hannah put together of us! Her vision and editing is just so much fun!!! Thank you so much for including me on your beautiful projects, Hannah. Also everyone else go follow her @hannahmwhiting to keep up with all of her work!

Also we're wearing a lot of Dolls Kill in the video, but my jacket was hand-crafted by the truly inspirational & talented ass motherfuckin artist, Aaron @chemicalmarriage!!! Treat yourself & follow him if you'd like to indulge in more of his art & creations!!!

Okay that’s all for now! Enjoy the video! Love you all bunches and bunches!


a longgggg-overdue @CAFrances post ;)

Carrie and I have actually shot twice since my last blog about our creations!!! I'm a slacker & didn't keep up with my blog posts like I wanted to, but I'm glad that we snuck in another day to shoot in 2019! That means we shot 4x last year! & THAT means, I'm one lucky bitch.

Cuz we do good work.

So here we go-this one is for our October shoot. We got some cute headshots....


Aaanddd prop of the day-- a real life filter that makes it look like I'm in a fairytale 🙂



We also got some bloody ones... cuz it was around Halloween, right?? Right...


Well, we didn't really plan it out for Halloween, but the timing worked out lmfao

Carrie supplied the blood which was really generous of her because, idk if ya'll have tried buying drinkable blood before, but that shit ain't cheap. But it is a minty flavor, so that's cool.


Also, as I'm sure you can imagine, the clean up was something special. We shot in Carrie's garage & I tried to keep my drippage to a minimum but thank God Carrie's a trooper, and well-prepared. I'm pretty sure I destroyed a couple of her towels. Sorry about that, love.

It did come off my face pretty easily-even though I left a little bit on me for the car ride home just in case a cop decided to pull me over. But that didn't happen. I was so excited to shoot these with Carrie because it's something I wanted to shoot as a part of my "LApocalypse series."


I'm so grateful to have Carrie as a dear friend of mine & talented motherfuckin' photographer collaborator. She kicks so much ass and is always a huge inspiration to me. It's not often that you find friends that understand your passions, share in them, and actually show up to create with you. Usually at least one of those ingredients are missing but not with Carrie. She's always down to shoot & always down to get weird with me. And she's always there to remind me that productive, creative people exist & there's always a story to tell. Thanks beautiful. Always looking forward to telling more stories with you. <3 GO FOLLOW HER @CAFrancesphoto

Also check back reallll soon cuz I'm about to overload you with even more pics from our most recent shoot. But at least now we're one step closer to caught up here. I'm just so spoiled with so many amazing photos it's hard to narrow them down!!



7 Things I learned this year

I learned some shit this year. Thanks, 2019.

  1. Self care. It should be a regular thing. Not a once-a-month ritual of taking a bath and properly shaving my legs. Earlier this year, I had a very bad habit of getting sick all the time. And that could have many root factors and more serious issues at the core-but fortunately, I don’t think it does. When I finally started making sure that I’m getting enough sleep & started taking some basic vitamins, I stopped getting sick. And i don’t want to jinx it, but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve even felt the slightest cold. I’m also learning that it’s important to take mental, spiritual and emotional time as well. I end up spending a lot of my time with the people I care about in this world, and sometimes I put myself on the back burner. Without realizing it, I don’t give myself enough time to relax, meditate, and process things so I end up losing my shit at some point. Self care = alone time & there’s no reason to feel guilty about that.
  2. How to say no to things that just aren’t my responsibility. I’d love to be able to help everyone with everything. And I definitely think there’s something to be admired about the people that cover shifts and stay late at their jobs & go above and beyond on every project…it shows a true sense of responsibility. And grit. But, only if you have the rest of your shit together. If you’re saying yes and then overloading yourself, you just look like a dumbass & feel like a mess (aka me AF). Know what’s within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limits. Yes, do go above and beyond-but only when you can afford to. And at the end of the day, there’s no sense in feeling guilty for saying no and understanding your limits. The fact of the matter is: if it’s not your responsibility, it’s not your fucking responsibility.
  3.  How to say no to things you love. Prioritizing. As much as I’d like do everything and work everywhere and learn everything and exist in multiple places at once, I’ve learned to fight my fomo and make choices that align with my goals. It’s super hard and feels incredibly awful but unfortunately there’s only so much time in a day & you gotta make sacrifices in life. I’ve found that this becomes much easier when you focus on appreciating what you have from your choices rather than focusing on what you had to turn down. And sometimes you have to say no to things because you have other goals in mind, even if an absolute time conflict hasn’t occurred yet. For example, I cut back on one of my “real-life” jobs to give myself more time for modeling and acting. And within 2 weeks, I got a phone call for a reoccurring creative gig. Sometimes you gotta give the universe space to work it’s magic. 
  4. How to give people their time. It’s easy to get caught up in the fear that when people step out of your life, that they’re gone forever. Fortunately, that’s just not fucking true. It’s that bird analogy. If you love someone let them go, if they love you too, they’ll come back one day. Or you could cripple them and they’d stay forever. But that’s not the healthiest option, is it? Sometimes people need space, sometimes you need space. Most times it’s really hard to see that in the moment where the space is created. It’s very easy to just get butthurt about it. But from what I’ve learned, you just gotta let it go and realize everything’s not about you. And it’s okay to love people and miss them, but sometimes time apart allows for growth. And that’s fucked if you take that away from them. And from yourself. & even if it seems like you don’t know if you’ll ever see them again, you will. And youll pick back up right where you left off. Cuz life is good and you love each other. I’ve experienced this a few times this year with people I consider myself very close with. And our bonds are even stronger now. It’s a good feeling. Patience is a virtue. If that’s relevant, Idk if that’s relevant, it just sounded good. I gotta google that. 
  5. How to chill the fuck out. This one I’m still working on quite a bit. But there have been numerous instances where i feel my face get hot and my breath gets ready to run rampant… & then, I stepped out of the moment just long enough to let my body reset before a full-blown anxiety attack occurs. I’m a spaz. And if you know me, you know this. And this spazzing nature of mine stretches all across the emotional spectrum from depressed to overjoyed. I’m very emotional. Which is great for my craft. But it can be a little much for my real life. I’m working on my skills for controlling my emotions so they don’t control me. Yoga and meditation have helped a lot. But I also have to give credit to my amazing supportive boyfriend. I think he’s gotten a lot better about dealing with me and my anxiety. And his efforts and greatly appreciated. It’s easy to say the wrong thing and get me really spiraling out of control. However, & especially lately, he’s been really good at reminding me to check-in with myself and take a fucking breather. And he does so in a way that doesn’t make me feel ashamed of myself. Which is important. But also, sometimes for this lesson, I just gotta smoke weed and chill TF out. 🤷‍♀️🤣
  6. Just make your own cool shit, damn it. I’ve literally been fighting these conforming feelings all my life. It’s been an ongoing battle & slow af understanding of the concept of balance when it comes to falling in line with society & culture, & just doing my own damn thing. The beauty of it all is that I can stick it to the man as much as I want, but if want to exist in a specific community, I have to somewhat play by their rules. As an artist, to break into the creative industry, you have to make some sacrifices. Unfortunately, some of these sacrifices have included quality and story-telling. Quite frankly, I’m just over that shit. I know I have to be somewhat flexible, but I just can’t sacrifice good quality content anymore. I’ve been very fortunate to make some really good pieces this year, but I’ve also found myself reflecting on some not-so-good pieces that I’m honestly just not very proud of. And it was enough for me to learn that it’s time to focus on story-telling and if that means just collaborating with other broke artists, then so be it. Returning my roots here cuz I just can’t eat the sugar-coated bullshit & flavorless kool-aid any longer. I don’t want to be praised for my shitty work. And i don’t want to make shitty work anymore. I guess I’m just done with selling out. Even though I haven’t really sold out that much or I wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck 😂
  7. Family first, bro. I’ve always truly valued family and that includes the people in my life that I consider “my people” as well. My boyfriend, his family, all my close friends from FL and growing up, and a few good people now that I’ve added from LA. I’d do anything for them. This is not a new lesson but more of a theme this year and something that I was reminded of. I’m a very ambitious person that can get caught up in my goals from time to time but it’s important that I take time away from all of that to just be supportive for my family and my people. Boundaries are important too, but at the end of the day, all of these arbitrary numbers and physical achievements I’d like to reach don’t mean shit if I don’t have my people by me when I get there. So if that means stepping away from those goals for a few days to be there for the people i care about, so be it. Fuck it, man. I love my people and I love my passions. A happy balance can be found as far as lifestyle choices go but when your fam needs you, they need you. And when you need them, they’re there for you too. 

Cheers to fucking up! Can’t learn anything if you don’t screw up in the first place. Hopefully these lessons really sink in my head for 2020. I’m looking forward to making new mistakes, taking bigger chances, and going on more adventures! Wish you all the same!

-K xoxo

October Updates!


Marvelous things have happened!

First, I collaborated with a photographer ( that provided me with some new headshots that I'm pretty excited about! I got some of each printed up and I'm going to use them for agency submissions as well.


The next tid-bit of exciting news is that my film finally got released to dvd under the title
"Dear Diary." It is available at Target, Walmart & on Amazon. Next month it will be released on streaming platforms under the previous title, "Wake Up."

I'd like to thank Joe Nowland (director/producer) & Scott Broughton (male lead) & the rest of the cast and crew that worked so hard on that film with me & made me feel like family. I'd also like to thank all my friends and family that have already gone out and purchased the film-your support really means the absolute world to me.

& THENNNN ....

I  just got offered ta part in a hilarious show that I've read for a couple times called, "The $5 Shakespeare Company" by the kind & creative genius, Matthew Leavitt! I'll also be working with the lovely Jamie & legendary Joel Zwick again which I'm also super excited about!!! Check back to hear about updates & ticket sales for that-premiering Feb/March timeframe if I do recall correctly!


Well those were the three business related items.. I'll use this last little section to just talk about how excited I am for the holidays! I have no idea what I'm really doing or how I'm celebrating but I've got the Halloween decorations up & I've really been hitting my bootcamp/yoga classes hard lately to make up for all the sweets I'll soon be devouring! hehehe anywhosies.. I hope y'all are as excited as I am & I'll check back in soon! <3



5 Things You Need to Submit to Agents


Okay so one of the steps/goals for an actress to excell in her career is to have some sort of representation. I'm looking for an agent for theatrical (movies and Netflix and shit), commercial (superbowl commercials ideally), and print (basically modeling, more commercial-like).

I did the whole "submit to everyone" approach about a year ago when I first started looking for an agent. I ended up signing with a commercial agent through a referral from a friend. Unfortunately, that agency didn't get me any work so I ended up leaving that one 6 months later.

Then I started up on my procrastination and excuses for why I shouldn't bother looking for an agent:

  1. I don't need an agent. I book my own work.
  2. I should get new headshots first.
  3. I don't really have a solid reel put together.
  4. I should update my website.
  5. Then I have to write a whole updated cover letter.
  6. No one's gonna want me anyway.
  7. Ugh so much computer work.

Well I finally defeated all of those distractions and updated my website, wrote a new cover letter and sent out submissions to a bunch of agents today!

How do you get an agent?

Well, there's a few different ways:

  1. Get a referral from someone. Then submit your shit.
  2. Submit your shit online.
  3. Submit your shit by mail.
  4. Work on shit and meet people and sign with an agent.

Most agencies want a referral with your submission, because as we all know, it's about who you know. 

Backstage has a filter system for looking up agents. I used it today to see which agents would be a good match for what I'm looking for. It narrowed it down to 70. Out of the 70, 17 really fit the criteria I was looking for.

A lot didn't fit the bill because they were "by referral only." I also cut out a handful because they only accepted submissions through snail mail & I don't have that kind of fun right now, ya feel me.

Others were cut out because they fit what I was looking for but over all I'm proud of my 17 submissions today!

I'm sure there's a lot more I can research and submit to but it's a start! It also made me update all of my shit for submitting to agents so I figured I'd share a little about that! Things You Need for Acting Agency Submissions:

  1. Headshots. Professional headshots, ideally. Have one commercial look, one dramatic look ready to go. Also, if you're submitting for print or any type of modeling it would good to have some "snapshots" on hand. Unprofessional, basic/no make up, clean, close up, profile, full body.. that kinda stuff. I should really have someone snap a couple new ones for me actually.

These are the ones that I used today:

2. Resume! This deserves a blog all to itself but I'll give you a couple pointers and post mine here. First of all, make sure it is up to date. Today I edited some info that needed to be updated-like my weight and the name of my film (because they changed the title again lol). Second tip: don't lie. I don't have a lot on my resume right now honestly, it's mostly filled up with theatre stuff. But I'm just owning it! We're all adults. Don't lie. It just wastes everyone's time and screws yourself. Third & final tip, make yourself look good by constantly updating your training on there. Continue to take classes and adding them on there! (This is one tip I really need to work on myself.) Well anyway, here's my resume. Updated and shipped out today!


3. Cover Letter! Wether you're mailing out submissions or only submitting online (like me right now), you need a cover letter. Just like you would with any job in any profession. This could have it's own post one day too lol For now, keep it simple, talk about what you've done, what you want to do and just get to the point. I've attached the one I'm using here. I'm sure it could be better. Would be 100000% better if I actually had a referral to throw in there in the beginning, but whatever. It's the best I got right now. lol Hopefully this gives you an idea of what it should look like.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 5.48.28 PM

So, obviously, if you read that (I hope you're getting the idea here), you email this to the appropriate email with your appropriate attachments (headshots and resume).

4. Demo reel. Ideally, you'd have a demo reel together as well. I left links to website where I have short commercial/theatrical clips but I don't consider them full reels. I need a little more footage together to really call anything a reel. I'm not sure about attaching a video file to an email. Usually they only accept files under a certain size so it's probably best just to leave links to your youtube or Vimeo or wherever your reel is. This is something I'm working on. But again, I didn't let it stop me. Just because you don't have a perfect reel yet or even any kind of clips or reel yet-you might as well submit anyway! You're going to end up agency-hunting again at some point in the future and by then you'll have something better of a reel but for now just try to look as professional as possible.

5. Time. Updating all your paperwork/computer files and submitting to agents takes some time. I've spent almost the whole day today doing this and look, all in all, I only submitted to 17 agents. I've got more work to do, but the biggest chunk is having everything set up. If you have your files in a folder or all together or the desktop or something, it makes submitting easier. Take the chunk of time you need to get everything together and start submitting and then it will be easier for each agency you'd like submit to in the future.

Sitting on the computer all day isn't my favorite thing to do, but it's part of the job. And unfortunately it's one of the more tedious and non-paid aspects of this career path, but it's not so bad. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and get it done. I know it can be pretty overwhelming so hopefully this helps you with process. Not that I should have to say this, but I'm going to anyway: this is all to my best knowledge. If there are better ways of going about any of these steps I'm more than open to them and would love to learn! Just throwing out what I know in case it can help anyone!




LApocalypse Series: Entry One.


A little bit of a late post here, but I worked with one of my favorite photographers (Carrie <3 ) again & worked on some concepts that align perfectly with my "LApocalypse" photo-series! It was an amazing, beautiful, fun, long day shooting together with help from our sidekick, Andrew!


It was such a great day hanging out with awesome creatives & playing with guns & smoke bombs. And by playing, I mean, safely handling. lol. lol but really.


How about this awesome fucking shot? Carrie is a visionary and a magician!! She made me levitate guys!!! One of the coolest shots I've ever seen!!


Oh and "fake" smoking some cigarettes too.


There were literally so many awesome shots that it was hard to pick which ones I wanted to use for the blog!!! I'll be posting other ones/repeating favorites on instagram as well so be sure to check there if you just can't get enough, like me!


I'm so pleased with the all the photos we created & she even through together a LApocalypse video!!! It's always such a pleasure working with Carrie and Andrew- I hope we get together for another fun project soon! <3 <3 <3


Afterwards Carrie was way too generous and bought us dinner & drinks at an adorable Mexican restaurant with great service, drinks, and food- I'll have to get back to you on the name (gosh, I'm the worst). But the burritos and margaritas were bangin'


Almost forgot to end the set with the classic Carrie shot to wrap it up! lmao Love her so much! Don't forget to follow her on instagram too! @cafrancesphoto

Also below is one more quick cool little vidoe she made where you get to see a little BTS action!

Long Beach can’t handle us.


TLDR: I've made a friend in Long Beach! & She's also from FL too ;p Look at us being all cute playing dress up & taking pictures! Follow her insta to see more!!! @_enyastewart

2019-04-09 23:16:19.391

Once upon a time, I did background work for a commercial at the Long Beach aquarium & I met this lovely lady named Enya! Come to find out that we both live in Long Beach & don't have any friends down this way. Three cheers for Long Beach loners!


But now, we have each other & this is just one of the many shoots/creative projects that we'll be throwing together!

All of these were taken on our iPhones & on location... at my house in Long Beach lol


Also s/o to @emily.norcia for unknowingly providing us with wine for the night because she left it in my fridge lmao <3


Gotta throw in this mirror pic with completely different outfits because this was the reality of the night & omg it was so much fun!


Also s/o to the Huji app..if you haven't used it & you like goofing off like us, you should. It will rock your world.

We didn't have to buy anything or spend any money on this shoot & I am extremely happy with our shots!


Thank you @_enyastewart for the super fun night & newfound friendship!!! Looking forward to more creative adventures in the future!!!