After years of modeling and going through different phases of life and styles and understandings of myself, I’ve come to realize that there’s two ways to live life: hot or not. And I think the grass is much greener when you’re hot. I feel like being hot has gotten such a bad rap over the years. Maybe it’s just my generation that’s been beaten down by some weird misconstrued concept that associates knowing you’re hot with being arrogant or annoying, but if it’s a universal discrepancy- I think it’s definitely time to squash it here and now for the greater good.  Being hot is so much fun! I think it’s definitely good for the soul-and a healthy expression of our sexuality! The only people that shouldn’t be thinking about being hot would be kids, obviously. And they shouldn’t even understand the concept. But as healthy adults, thriving through life, I think it is important to consider ourselves hot, act hot & be hot! Maybe this sounds a little silly if you don’t know what I’m talking about, so let me explain:

Being hot is all about embodying three things, (IMO):




I decided to represent my thoughts with one of these cute little acrostic poem thingys because it’s cute, fun & easy to remember! When you’re feeling a little insecure or down on yourself- choose to be HOT instead! 

Health-being healthy is attractive! Just from a Darwin-ish point of view, I think it’s easy to understand that we’re instinctively driven towards others that are healthy and put effort into maintaining health. And, this relates back to the traditional aesthetic definition of the word as well. It is not pleasing to the eye if we’ve neglected our health to the point that our tongue is coated, our nose is running or we’ve gained so much excessive weight that it starts to distort our body type. I know that might be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the truth! And we’ve all been there! We all fluctuate in every aspect of our lives, including our health-but striving towards the healthiest version of ourselves through roots of self-love is really fucking sexy. Simple things like getting enough rest every night will ensure that your body is healthy and your beautiful eyes aren’t diminished by dark, heavy bags of exhaustion and over-extending yourself. Think of flowers! Healthy beings are hydrated, strong, vibrate and plump-adding to the whole gorgeous landscape! Unhealthy beings are weak, dim, frail and well, ugly. And if you consider yourself “unhealthy” and you are offended, because I basically just called you “ugly,” then-I highly encourage you to immediately change your perspective & start thinking of yourself as a healthy human! Regardless of what health hurdles you might currently be jumping over-flip your perspective, think of yourself as healthy! Don’t define yourself by your challenges. See yourself for the healthy, hot motherfucking creature you are!!! This holds true for your mental and emotional health too. If you’ve put your mental and emotional health on the back-burner, this is going to affect your behavior. And actions can be hot or not! If you’re crying all the time, talking negative about yourself or snapping on people because you’re in denial of your own emotional issues, it’s time to take a time out. Cuz that is NOT CUTE. Nobody wants to date/hook up with a Karen. (Sorry to all the actual Karens out there-you know I’m not talking about you, but it is a really great way to explain a type of behavior.) Be healthy and you’ll relate to others in a healthy way! And that’s not just hot-but it’s also sustainable! If you want to be hot IRL, like for a longer period than one photoshoot or an instagram post, you’ll need to take your health into consideration. Also, if you’re healthy and feeding your body adequate nutrition and getting some exercise in, you should have some natural endorphins going which is healthy & makes you happy! And happy people are sexy! I know with snapchat and instagram nowadays, people have gotten into “duck-faces” and all that-but I’ve got to say, the hottest facial expression is just a real smile powered by genuine joy! 

Outward-confidence-This two-worder is very specific and can be slightly confusing, so just hang on tight! In an ideal situation, being hot is about exuberayting self-love to the point of self-care, confidence, and over-flowing attractiveness to the point that others recognize how hot you are as you recognize yourself to be! However, it is not always going to work out that way-and it doesn’t have to! Being hot can be a superficial concept! And I say that in a very positive tone. Superficial doesn’t have to mean “bad” or “wrong.” In fact, it really just means shallow! Well, I guess shallow typically has a negative connotation as well. But again, my point is, these words mean-“on the surface.” The benefit to this is that no one needs to know your deepest, darkest thoughts and insecurities! If you’re having a day where you’re just not feeling yourself as much as you usually do, that’s ok! Just fake it! Outward-confidence is the key! It will get you through those literal & figurative “bad hair days!” Just rock it bitch!!! This is how all the supermodels and drag queens get through their walk, even if their extensions are falling out or their eyelashes are falling off! None of it really matters if you can bring the swagger out to the fore-front. This confidence is soooo attractive! It’s how fashionista’s stay fierce during wardrobe malfunctions, it’s how athletes still score their points when the play doesn’t pan out, it’s how bosses sell that pitch to their shareholders (even if they’ve mentally got their tail between their legs). It’s that power-through mentality, the ability to conquer all challenges, the knowing that you can do anything-that really gets the panties wet. And again, you can fake this til you make it!!! The other important thing about this topic is that you are being outwardly-confident in WHO YOU ARE. You just own exactly who YOU are. Being outwardly-confident doesn’t mean being loud and outgoing-it just means being 100000% who you are and putting it out there authentically for the world (and yourself) to enjoy! Learn your brand, know your brand, be your brand-on the good days & the not-so-good days. YOU ARE A BAD ASS BOSS BITCH!!! Even if you don’t remember that everyday. 

Tidiness- let’s dive into tidiness! And let me start off by saying, there are exceptions to every rule. The grunge vibe is definitely a hot aesthetic but it’s not the norm and doesn’t work for everyone or for every occasion. Just as smoking cigarettes is not a healthy choice but is most definitely attractive once in a while. Or maybe there’s that person that seems shy and isn’t exactly projecting confidence at first, but they’re still hot on their own accord. And again, beauty is the in the eye of the bee-holder or whatever that expression is. lol. Seriously though, attractiveness is going to vary from person to person-this is just a very general guide to being hot and I think it is definitely a good starting point and guideline. Ok-back at it…

Tidiness-there’s a reason why employers like their employees to tuck in their shirts (or whatever other arbitrary uniform requirement is in place). There’s also a reason why millions of people get sucked into organizing and cleaning videos online. There’s something inside our brains that is attracted to the visual of things being in place. This goes for our bodies as well. Hygiene is important, looking “put-together” makes a difference. Obviously we can boil this down to someone that hasn’t showered in weeks-is the uncleanliness of that human really something that would turn you on? I don’t think so. Or maybe so! There’s always a kink out there for someone! But, as a general rule, hygiene, tidiness, cleanliness, self-care, is super attractive. It definitely ties in with the health category because it’s another layer of keeping up with body and your mind. Dirty fingernails and grown out toe-nails are not cute. At least not in the culture that I’ve been brought up in. Messy hair, don’t care is exactly right-you don’t care, they don’t care, no one cares-cuz it’s not hot. And I can personally attest to this one because I went yearsssss without brushing my hair. Well, I didn’t go years straight without brushing my hair, but I brushed very rarely. Now, I’ve been trying to take better care of my hair and brushing it properly and more often and I certainly find myself 100% more attractive! I just look more put together! Same goes for belts-if your pants are loose, wear a belt. You look like a mess. Let’s just be real. And I think that’s a general rule for tidiness in clothing, try to purchase/wear clothing that fits properly. If it’s pinching your skin or falling off your body, you just look a hot mess. And that’s not the kind of hot we’re striving for from this article. I can write a whole book about being a hot mess but that’s not the kind of influence or call to action I want for people. 

Okay let’s really quick talk about why these three components are so vital to living a happy, energized, fulfilling life! These processes that allow us to be hot on the outside are obviously just an overflow of living hot on the inside! These are great habits to uphold for ourselves and be examples for others! Being hot all boils down (lol) to self-love! When there is enough self-love present, you can be the best you that you can be for yourself and others! Nowadays these concepts are starting to be forgotten! This is why I wanted to bring them back up! Let’s prioritize self-love and self-care and make that the new “trendy” thing! I don’t know why being overworked has become so “in” lately. Well, I know that that’s true in the US at least, but the whole world knows-it’s not cute. Baggy eyes, frail bodies and sloppy appearances can be left to the zombies! While we’re living, let’s thrive! Let’s put ourselves on those pedestals and not our work, our numbers, arbitrary beauty standards, or any other vice that distracts us from self-love and love for others! The sexiest thing you can do is love the fuck out of yourself!!! I hope that you all understand where I’m coming from and join me in being hot every damn day of this life, cuz it doesn’t last forever-but we can embrace it and enjoy while we can!! You can ask yourself every day or moment, is this hot or not? And remember, you’re the one in charge! You can change the perspective and you take action! LET’S ENJOY THIS HOT GIRL SUMMER!!! Love you all!!! 



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