about me

Behind every great (hu)man is a great woman! And I'm your gal!

(Not for the faint of heart) I may cuss like a sailor but I look like a doll-so it all balances out. I'm here embracing the underloved, overlooked and overworked! My focus is on self-care & mental health but my primary goal is to mirror our ironically polarized world (comedic gold) to incite a perspective shift, spread joy, and remind people to lighten the F up!



Name: Kelly Frances

Flogrown Coastie wife, dog-momma (of 2)

bright and peppy most days

dark and antisocial some other days

appreciates dark comedy and delicious food

Medical marijuana and mental health advocate

Seeking other powerful, intentional people of creativity and service

Passionate about story-telling in ways that are aesthetically pleasing and sustainable

Pokemon Go Trainer code: 4795 5865 8005