about me

How's it going? I'm Kelly! I'm a born & raised FL girl but I moved out to LA about a year ago where I have officially taken upon the profession of cocktail-waitress/model/actress. If I'm not doing any of the above, I'm taking a yoga class, hiking with a friend, dancing at home in my underwear, reading in my jacuzzi tub, writing, vlogging, binging various streaming networks, or smothering my boyfriend with too much affection. I also enjoy taking our doggies to the dog park and pretty much anything that gets me out on the ocean. Family, adventure, Earth, humanity, a sense of humor, individuality, balance, creativity, gratitude and dark chocolate are really important to me. Say hi here 🙂

Looking ahead...

An actor's app, compostable & DIY products, recycled/upcylced products, scripts, picture-books, story-telling photoshoots, vacation vlogs, monologues, a dinner theatre, (attempted) recipes, natural health solutions and blogs about all of the above! Stay tuned & keep in touch!