about me


Hi there! I'm Kelly!

Lemme just go ahead and answer all your questions upfront:

I'm from Florida. I'm in my 20s. I have blue/green eyes, I'm 5'8" and my hair is naturally that blonde. And that messy.

I've seen alligators, I've swam in bodies of water with alligators and I've eaten alligator.

But I have NOT done meth, bath salts, or any other similar drug associated with Florida and/or cannibalism.

The scar on my face is an aesthetic choice.

I'm an actress, model, writer, dancer, stoner, and foodie.

I've been living in LA for 2 years and I still wear my bikini and crocs everywhere.

In my free time I like to play Pokemon Go (add me, 4795 5865 8005), watch documentaries and hug trees.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice that I'll probably never use.

I live with my super hottie Coastie boyfriend, our 2 dogs & our two roommates.

My favorite colors are pink and tiffany blue.

Aaaandddd I think we're done with the small talk here--honestly, i just dgaf about a thousand other tiny arbitrary details of my identity--

I want to make content. Solid, talented, beautiful, art pieces that inspire mobs of people to think. To actually reflect about humanity, Earth, relationships, consequences, balance--and maybe even laugh about it all. I want us to reach everyone-the masses & that powerful 1% & I want to bring every single person on Earth just a little bit closer together, so we can leave our planet just a little bit more united.

And, I want you to join me. Obviously. Let's make videos, photos, articles, plays! Some quality content is all that I'm after. If that's you too, then sliddeeee into my DM's. In a very platonic, non-sexual manner (lol but really) plz & thank you.


Looking forward to working with  you!