a longgggg-overdue @CAFrances post ;)

Carrie and I have actually shot twice since my last blog about our creations!!! I'm a slacker & didn't keep up with my blog posts like I wanted to, but I'm glad that we snuck in another day to shoot in 2019! That means we shot 4x last year! & THAT means, I'm one lucky bitch.

Cuz we do good work.

So here we go-this one is for our October shoot. We got some cute headshots....


Aaanddd prop of the day-- a real life filter that makes it look like I'm in a fairytale 🙂



We also got some bloody ones... cuz it was around Halloween, right?? Right...


Well, we didn't really plan it out for Halloween, but the timing worked out lmfao

Carrie supplied the blood which was really generous of her because, idk if ya'll have tried buying drinkable blood before, but that shit ain't cheap. But it is a minty flavor, so that's cool.


Also, as I'm sure you can imagine, the clean up was something special. We shot in Carrie's garage & I tried to keep my drippage to a minimum but thank God Carrie's a trooper, and well-prepared. I'm pretty sure I destroyed a couple of her towels. Sorry about that, love.

It did come off my face pretty easily-even though I left a little bit on me for the car ride home just in case a cop decided to pull me over. But that didn't happen. I was so excited to shoot these with Carrie because it's something I wanted to shoot as a part of my "LApocalypse series."


I'm so grateful to have Carrie as a dear friend of mine & talented motherfuckin' photographer collaborator. She kicks so much ass and is always a huge inspiration to me. It's not often that you find friends that understand your passions, share in them, and actually show up to create with you. Usually at least one of those ingredients are missing but not with Carrie. She's always down to shoot & always down to get weird with me. And she's always there to remind me that productive, creative people exist & there's always a story to tell. Thanks beautiful. Always looking forward to telling more stories with you. <3 GO FOLLOW HER @CAFrancesphoto

Also check back reallll soon cuz I'm about to overload you with even more pics from our most recent shoot. But at least now we're one step closer to caught up here. I'm just so spoiled with so many amazing photos it's hard to narrow them down!!



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