2020 Goalssss

So it’s January 29th & maybe I procrastinated on this blog a little but whatever, I’m doing the damn thing now so here we are. It’s already been a very busy January and I’m super excited that I’m already working towards most of goals! I’ve collaborated on headshots and video shoots, organized my desk and closet (two hugeeely important spaces in my life) & had an amazing vacation with my (now) fiancé!

February is already jam-packed with light and love too! We’ve got a trip to visit my Dad, a dinner theatre read-through, tickets to Book of Mormon & of course, lots of work, work, work!

Okay so now for my goals for the rest of year.. here we go!!

1. Sign with an agent and manager.
2. Tour our (Kemily) dinner theatre.
3. Create psychedelic web series.
4. Pay off my credit card.
5. Complete my splits/stradles/25 push-ups in a row/8-minute mile.
6. Mud-run!
7. Create 3 solid AF short films.
8. Earthlings united news-worthy stories.
9. Sustainable commercials.
10. Plant-based diet.
11. Improv classes.
12. Read 20 books (at least lol).
13. Volunteer.
14. Star in a feature film.
15. Herb garden.

Oh and bonus one...plan a freaking wedding!

Still working on my work-life balance & learning to quiet myself and listen. This year is certainly off to a good start & I’m looking forward to new opportunities arise as well! I honestly feel silly looking at my list now because I know in my heart I’ll knock it all out well before the year is up so check back for more goals/adventures in the near future!

I’m also just going to drop this super cool video my lovely friend Hannah put together of us! Her vision and editing is just so much fun!!! Thank you so much for including me on your beautiful projects, Hannah. Also everyone else go follow her @hannahmwhiting to keep up with all of her work!

Also we're wearing a lot of Dolls Kill in the video, but my jacket was hand-crafted by the truly inspirational & talented ass motherfuckin artist, Aaron @chemicalmarriage!!! Treat yourself & follow him if you'd like to indulge in more of his art & creations!!!

Okay that’s all for now! Enjoy the video! Love you all bunches and bunches!


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