Everyone should be a cheerleader! I know that might sound silly at first, coming from a blonde bubbly woman in her 20s, but I’m not talking about short skorts & pom poms! I did the literal cheerleader gig once when I was in 5th grade-it wasn’t my thing. I wanted to start embracing my feminine side, so I decided to be a cheerleader for the grade-wide flag-football tournament. I really enjoyed getting all dolled up, but watching my team lose from the sidelines made my stomach churn. It wasn’t long before I dropped my pom poms and ran into the field! Almost 2 decades later-Still a fan of the aesthetic and still not good at watching sports ? However, I still embrace the role of being a cheerleader for all my fiends and family! I also love being a cheerleader for people that I’ve just met! It’s a wonderful way to live & Ill tell you why! 

  1. Some people don’t have anyone cheering them on! 

Have you ever felt like this? Totally alone, discouraged and in desperate need of a good pep talk? Of course, you have! If you haven’t, that makes my heart happy. However, I feel like that’s unlikely. We’re human! We have peaks and valleys & feeling lonely and down on yourself is somewhat inevitable. That’s the great thing about interacting with people outside of your own mind, especially if it’s in a negative place at the moment. Other people can completely inspire a new mindset! This is an easy pay-it-forward moment from one human to another! Pump up that person that is having a down day-you’re adding to the already-circulating positivity on the planet! What a beautiful thing! 

  1. You treat others like you treat yourself.

Habits! The way you occur relationships with others is the same way you occur in a relationship with yourself! Good or bad, happy or sad, we treat others how we treat ourselves. What does that mean?? I mean, the grumpy Karen that comes in hot, screechy vocal chords ready to fire-she’s got this kind of high-tension dialogue going on in her head way more often than the one (hopefully just one) interaction that you endured with her. Inevitably, the way we occur in one aspect of our lives holds true to other aspects of lives. This is apparent when it comes to relationships and behavioral habits. If you are creating positive-leading relationships with people, (like hyping up strangers, friends or family) then you’re also creating that positive-leading lifestyle for yourself! Getting in the habit of genuinely supporting others will make it easier for you to cheer on yourself-which my seem a little awkward at first! If we can be our own worst-critics, why can’t we be our own #1 cheerleaders? It’s a much healthier alternative! 

  1. If you are authentically appreciating everyone you meet, you are living a life of gratitude which is a direct bee line to living in flow. 

If you are able to project a positive outcome for someone, you are essentially painting a beautiful possibility for them! In order to do this, you must be fully present in understanding where they are coming from and where they aspire to be! You’re listening, understanding, and appreciating their story and their passions for the world. You’re investing your belief in their ideas! That’s HUGEEEEE!!! You know why it’s so hard to get a word in with some of the most powerful people in the world? Because listening to someone gives them power and they want to be very picky with who they are investing their time in, because time is their most valuable asset. By offering your time, and then your energy, into another human being, you are uplifting the world from a place of gratitude! You’re seeking and expressing what you want more of in the world and you will continue to manifest this! When you live in gratitude, you maximize your ability to create your life to the point that you’re living in flow. This is when things just seem to fall in place. It’s the perfect dance with the Universe. 

  1. Authentically encourage and uplift your brothers and sisters 

Now, now-I know siblings fight, but you’re supposed to fight even harder FOR each other. And that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. I’m a millennial, I have expectations. And as one human family, we need to support each other! Look to your left and to your right, and guess what! That’s your family! We should all be lending a hand, being a good neighbor, saying “thank you” and also saying “YOU CAN FUCKING DO IT!!!!” Be that person on the sidelines screaming your head off, pouring your passion and encouragement into another human. What is life all about, anyway? We’re humans, we’re conceded, but we’re also right: it’s about us. It’s about our relationships with people and growing as a whole! What an easy, wonderful, thing we can do for our family-just be there for them. 

  1. Allow yourself to be inspired!

How dull it must be to fumble forward in life with no aspirations…continuing to live out the default sequence of events that “should” occur based on the time, location, socioeconomic status, etc.,…why not listen to those around you and see if there IS something more to daydream about or be passionate about?! When you open yourself to the authentic stories of others, you allow yourself to be changed, in a way. Your thoughts, beliefs, understanding of the world-it’s all open for a completely new perspective. Imagine how much more you could learn if you made it a goal to go cheer on 2 new people a day! And who knows-it could ignite a fire in you that you never could’ve dreamt of! This person’s goal or forward motion might be so influential in your life that you shake out of your “default mode” and starting doing something that truly fills you up-mind, body, and soul. If you enter conversations as the offense or defense of the team, you’re not going to get the whole picture-but if you’re watching from afar & sending positivity the whole way, you’ll get some magic back too. Remember, there’s nothing we can do for others that doesn’t also benefit ourselves. 

  1. Filling yourself up allows you to fill others up. 

This is also an excellent test to see whether or not you have been sending all the love and support to yourself first-or if you’re running on empty. If you are able to truly be a cheerleader for others, this means that you’ve given yourself enough love and encouragement to stand in a confident place & actually walk-the-walk. No matter what we want to accomplish in this life, we must fill our own cups first. If you really WANT to be a cheerleader, but you’re too busy sitting in the stands talking shit-you need to dive deep and say “Why am I talking so much shit about myself & why do I feel threatened by these beautiful people around me?” aaaanddd then go from there. And maybe you’re not that self-aware yet, but if you’re feeling off-balance in any way-overworking, under sleeping, playing victim…it’s time to do some reflecting! If you’ve come to peace and appreciation for yourself and you have learned to love yourself wholly, you will naturally start cheering on others before you know it. This is taking your concept of self and stretching it out to our whole human family and being the energy that smiles and jumps and elevates us all! That’s some superhero-level shit. Let’s get it. 

I could probably go on and on about being a cheerleader because it’s so damn funnnn but I hope my perspective on the topic gives you a better understanding and a bit more motivation to give it a try-if you haven’t done so already! Also-this blog is a great little reminder to those of us who maybe haven’t been a good cheerleader for our community lately! I know sometimes we get caught up in own shit-but let’s evaluate what we’re emitting into our world. It’s always great to be mindful about our practices-especially when it comes to our relationships with other people! And let’s be real, everyone loves someone that authentically believes in them & on the flip side, everyone also just wants to be accepted, liked, loved, etc. so let’s just let the human ego design work it’s magic, my friends. I mean, it’s all the same reasons why the snap-cap works! 

Alright, you get the idea. Go on out there & start cheering!!! Love you all!!! 



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